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What to Expect from a Keratin Treatment Before Starting

What to Expect from a Keratin Treatment Before Starting

If you know even one person who regularly gets keratin treatments, the odds are incredibly good that they’ve told you at least a few dozen times about the miracles that keratin has worked on their hair. When in-salon keratin treatments first emerged, some people wondered if they were just another trend that would pass as quickly as it arrived. But now, it’s clear that keratin treatments are here to stay, and they’ve recently been joined by a wide variety of at-home keratin hair products promising to give you beautifully healthy hair.

But before you start texting your stylist to schedule your keratin treatment, you might want to learn exactly what you’re signing up for – including the impressive benefits of keratin that will have you singing the praises of this transformative treatment. Here’s a quick and simple crash course that breaks down the top five things you should know before getting a keratin treatment.


Your hair already contains keratin – but adding more can give it a much-needed boost.

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein and an important component of healthy, beautiful hair. So, when you incorporate keratin into your hair care regimen, you’re actually just helping support your hair’s natural health. Age, damage, and environmental factors can deplete your hair of its existing keratin supply, but replenishing it can dramatically change the look and feel of your hair.


Keratin treatments are safe for virtually all hair types and colors.

As long as your hair is healthy enough to withstand the heat of the stylist’s iron, you’re the right candidate for a keratin treatment. However, it’s essential to meet with your stylist before treatment to make sure that your hair doesn’t require any pre-treatment repair – sometimes, clients with extreme damage or breakage may need to complete a repair regimen beforehand for optimal results.


Don’t be surprised when your hair experiences a total makeover.

It’s no secret that the benefits of a keratin treatment are many, but countless clients are shocked at just how much it changes their hair for the better. After a keratin treatment, your hair will be smooth, silky-soft, and incredibly shiny, easier to manage and style, and considerably healthier and stronger overall.


You’ll want to follow up with a high-quality aftercare routine.

Immediately after leaving the salon, you’ll notice an incredible difference in your hair. And with the right aftercare plan, you can maintain your results and support healthier hair. Choose high-quality keratin-infused products to use at home, like the ones from Keratherapy, and you can protect both your investment and your hair.


Selecting the right keratin treatment brand is critical.

Not all keratin treatments and products are created equally, and investing your money in the wrong ones will leave you feeling disappointed in your results. But when you choose Keratherapy, you can be confident that your efforts for healthier, happier hair are supported by a team of experts and scientifically supported formulations.

Over the years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create both in-salon treatments at at-home products that take full advantage of the benefits of keratin, intending to put incredible hair within easy reach. Not only are our treatments formaldehyde-free, but they are trusted by countless stylists worldwide.


Keratin Treatment from Keratherapy

Are you thinking about entrusting your hair to the power of keratin? Here at Keratherapy, we promise you won’t regret it – as long as you choose your keratin products wisely. 

Browse our full selection of professional keratin treatments, as well as keratin-infused products you can enjoy at home, and unlock your hair’s true potential with Keratherapy.

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