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Create At Home Keratin Treatments

Create At Home Keratin Treatments

Making the switch to the keratin-infused hair products created by the experts at Keratherapy can completely transform your hair for the better, but so many of our new customers are unsure about how to get started. Whether you’ve been using professional-grade products for years or are finally upgrading from your usual drugstore shampoo, shopping for keratin hair care is an entirely new adventure. From selecting the best at home keratin treatments that are well-matched to your hair type to considering a professional keratin treatment, there’s definitely a lot to learn.

At Keratherapy, we’re proud to have developed an extensive selection of salon-quality products, making it possible for individuals with all hair types and concerns to find options to suit their needs. But we believe that formulating top-quality products isn’t enough – we also want to educate and empower Keratherapy customers, putting their best-ever hair within easy reach. That’s why we’ve put together a complete guide to getting started with Keratherapy, so you can shop with confidence and create a hair care routine that delivers the gorgeous results you’ve been hoping for.

Whether you’re new to keratin products or simply interested in learning more, this handy guide covers everything you need to know: what keratin is, how keratin benefits your hair, and how to select and use the right products to achieve the beautifully soft and shiny locks of your dreams.


What is Keratin?

Before you can shop for keratin products for sale in our online shop, it can be extremely helpful to understand exactly what keratin is. Interestingly, there’s a considerable amount of science that goes into the formulation of effective keratin hair products.

Keratin is one of the many kinds of protein found throughout your body. It specifically makes up your hair, skin, and nails, and is considered a protective protein. This means that it’s not only significantly stronger than many other cells in your body but also that it is responsible for protecting certain cells from stressors or damage.

So, if you already have keratin in your hair, why do you need products with added keratin? Incorporating keratin into your hair care regimen can be a great way to support both the appearance and overall health of your hair.

The individual cells that make up each strand of your hair are arranged in an overlapping pattern, and the keratin in keratin-infused hair products and treatments can serve to smooth them down and give your hair a gorgeously silky shine.

In addition to making your hair look incredible, the keratin can also protect against damage, including cutting down on breakage, split ends, and other factors that can dramatically affect your style.


The Benefits of Keratin Hair Products

As you’re likely beginning to understand after learning more about keratin, there are many benefits to adding keratin hair products to your regular routine. In addition to daily hair care, consistent keratin treatments from a salon professional also offer their own unique perks.

A Professional Keratin Treatment

When performed by an experienced stylist using top-quality products, professional keratin treatments can produce incredible results. Typically, a keratin treatment can be an excellent option for virtually any hair type, providing a variety of benefits including:

  • Amazing shine
  • Less frizz
  • Smooth, soft hair
  • Increased manageability, even for dry, coarse, or unruly hair
  • Protection from damage via environmental factors like wind and pollution
  • Straighter hair
  • Reduced blow-drying time
  • Healthier hair, which may result in a faster rate of growth

Depending on the specific keratin treatment you select, as well as your hair type, the results can last anywhere from four to sixteen weeks.


At Home Keratin Treatments

Whether you’re hoping to extend the effects of a professional keratin treatment or simply want to introduce keratin’s many benefits to your regular routine, at-home keratin products are an outstanding investment. Similar to a salon keratin treatment, keratin-infused hair products can offer a long list of benefits:

  • Softer hair
  • Beautiful shine
  • Reduced frizz
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Stronger, healthier hair
  • Repair and restoration from past damage
  • Easier styling, even for usually difficult hair
  • Protection from heat, environmental factors, and styling damage

When you explore Keratherapy’s signature series of products, you’ll notice that we’ve created options for each hair type. Within each of our collections, we’ve designed unique formulations that resolve specific hair concerns and challenges, whether you’re working with thin, curly, straight, wavy, frizzy, or damaged hair.


Keratherapy: A Brand Trusted by Stylists Worldwide

Once you decide to try keratin hair products, your next question is likely: “How do I find the best keratin products on the market?” While there’s no shortage of products that claim to harness the power of keratin, it’s important to choose your hair care wisely.

Keratherapy is proud to be one of the most-recommended keratin brands by stylists around the world. Our professional keratin products are a staple in countless salons, while our home hair care products are among the first chosen by those in the industry. With a proven track record of providing exceptional results both in the salon and at home, Keratherapy products are a necessity for virtually anyone who wants happy, healthy hair.

One of the most unique aspects of our products is our Kerabond Technology®, which was specifically developed to improve overall efficacy. This technology ensures that the keratin is able to penetrate your hair at the deepest level, sealing off the cuticle layer for superior protection, smoothing, and frizz control.


At Home Keratin Treatments & Products

Are you ready to change your hair care routine forever? Here’s a simple guide to getting started with Keratherapy’s top-selling keratin hair products.
First, determine your hair type and concerns.

Before you start shopping for products, it’s helpful to know what type of hair you have, as well as what your key concerns or hair goals may be. Keratherapy offers a simple online quiz that will help you pinpoint your hair type, guiding you towards the products that will best fit your needs. Because we’ve formulated our products to specifically serve each unique hair type, knowing yours will set you up for shopping success.

Then, choose a keratin hair care collection that suits your needs.
Once you’ve determined your hair type, you can narrow down your options and shop smarter:

  • Fine hair types may benefit from our volumizing and thickening products, which are designed to combine the benefits of keratin with a wonderful boost in overall body.
  • Medium to dry hair types may find that our moisturizing keratin products are ideal for providing balanced hydration without weighing down hair.
  • Damaged or coarse hair types can often achieve excellent results from our series of KeratinFIXX products, which are focused on repairing damage, restoring hair health, and strengthening hair to prevent future issues.
  • Color-treated hair types can extend the life of their color with our Color Protect and Perfect Match products, helping hair look salon-fresh even long after a visit.

You may find that your hair falls into more than one of these categories; for example, your hair may be both color-treated and very fine. In that case, explore both categories to find products that speak to your unique hair needs and goals. Because you can shop by hair type on our website, it’s simple to stick with the products that we’ve specifically crafted for you and your hair.


Select styling necessities and extras that fit your lifestyle, hair goals, and daily routine.

After you’ve selected your foundational products, such as your shampoo and conditioner, it’s time to upgrade your styling and extra care routines. Keratherapy has formulated a wide variety of products to help you make every day a good hair day, and stocking up on the ones that match your lifestyle and needs is a great way to give your daily hairdo new life.

  • Styling and finishing products like our Perfect Hold Hairspray, Daily Smoothing Cream, and Dry Shampoo can all boost your routine with the power of keratin. These versatile products can work well for a variety of hair types, making it simple to create both everyday looks and styles for special occasions.
  • Customers with specific hair needs often find that augmenting their regular routine with products like our 20-in-1 Leave-In, Deep Conditioning Masque, or Keratin-Infused Argan Oil makes a dramatic improvement in the overall health of their hair.
  • If your hair concerns include covering root regrowth between coloring appointments or improving the appearance of thinning hair, our innovative Root Concealers, and Fiber Hair Thickeners might be exactly what you’re searching for.


Consider asking your stylist about our professional keratin treatment products.

The benefits of using keratin hair products don’t have to end at home – a professional keratin treatment can also work wonders. Many Keratherapy customers combine in-salon Keratherapy treatments with our other keratin products for optimal results, extending the benefits of the professional-grade products by sticking to a top-quality regimen at home. Your stylist can help you learn more about how a keratin treatment can change your hair, so be sure to send our product information to them to get the conversation started.


At Home Keratin Treatments from Keratherapy

When it comes to keratin hair care products, it’s important to understand that not all are created equally, so it’s important to shop with a brand you know you can trust. Keratherapy’s proprietary KERABOND™ Technology sets our products apart from countless others on the market, maximizing results and providing incredible shine, smoothing, and conditioning. Additionally, because we are one of the top keratin brands trusted by stylists and salons across the globe, you can feel confident in your decision to add our products to your home hair care routine.

No matter what your hair type, concern, or desired outcome, Keratherapy is confident that our cutting-edge products will deliver the beautiful results you’ve been waiting for – once you make the switch to our keratin products, we know that you’ll never look back!

Browse our full selection of at home keratin treatments & hair products or take the Keratherapy quiz to learn more about the products that are right for your hair, and take your first steps towards achieving the best hair of your life.

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