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How to Do Vintage and Retro Hair Styles

How to Do Vintage and Retro Hair Styles

Even decades after their heyday, vintage hairstyles still play a significant role in inspiring today’s most popular looks. From chic bobs to voluminous waves, many of our modern styles have retro roots. As it turns out, there are plenty of hairdos that have proved to be timeless rather than trendy. Here’s a fun throwback to a few favorites that have stood the test of time, solidifying their status as iconic looks that will never go out of style.

The 1920s Blunt Bob

The 1920s marked a major shift for women across the world, as they began shedding the age-old pressures of conforming to an outdated perception of femininity. For centuries, women had worn their hair long, but as the flapper revolution began to sweep the globe, shorter styles debuted with a bang.

One of the most famous short hairstyles from the 1920s was the flapper bob, a distinctive look that was inspired by actress and showgirl Louise Brooks. Her blunt bob and sleek banks made a statement, one that sparked a major interest in short and sassy styles.

If you’d like to recreate this fabulous flapper-inspired look at home, you don’t necessarily have to see your stylist for a haircut. In fact, a faux bob can be the perfect way to have some vintage fun without a long-term commitment. With a handful of bobby pins and our Perfect Hold Hairspray, you’ll feel like a modern-day flapper.

The 1930s Finger Waves

As Hollywood evolved into the epicenter for celebrity style, glamorous pin curls and finger waves made their way from the silver screen into the homes of millions of women. Soft, voluminous, and fantastically flirtatious, finger waves were the signature style of film icons like Bette Davis and Anita Page. In the 1990s, the style saw a resurgence (think Missy Elliot and Madonna), and today, they’re back yet again.

One of the key characteristics of this vintage hairstyle is the glossy shine and flawlessly frizz-free texture. Whether you prefer a tight wave or opt to brush out the curls for a softer look, using finishing products such as our Nourishing Styling Foam and Daily Smoothing Cream can take your style from amateur to iconic.

The 1940s Updo

What started as a necessity for practicality during the World War II era became a sophisticated style choice for women of the 1940s. Perfectly coiffed updos like the Gibson roll (or tuck) received a modern update during this decade, and the playfully practical victory roll was popularized by the era’s legendary pinup girls.

Now, it’s not unusual to see celebrities take inspiration from the updos of the 1940s when creating their most talked-about event looks. From industry awards shows to movie premieres, styles inspired by the Gibson tuck are everywhere.

But you don’t have to be headed to a star-studded occasion to try this vintage hairstyle for yourself – it’s perfect for even a casual day around town. Instead of trying the style with freshly-washed hair, apply our Dry Shampoo for a boost of volume and texture in “day two” hair. If needed, work in a small amount of Smoothing Cream for added shine and manageability, then finish with the Perfect Hold Hairspray to keep every last strand in place.

The 1950s Pompadour and Rolled Bangs

The rockabilly movement of the 1950s ushered in a new range of signature hairstyles, including the sky-high pompadour and “bumper” (rolled) bangs. Style icons of the era, like Bettie Page, made these new looks all the rage, capturing the sophisticated but sexy aesthetic of the midcentury decade.

Now, these vintage 1950s hairstyles have made a major comeback with today’s celebrities, including the style-forward Gigi Hadid, Scarlett Johannsen, Pink, and Dita Von Teese.

If you’re hoping to infuse your daily style with a bit of 1950s flair, you’ll need to have an excellent hairspray in your styling product arsenal. Our Perfect Hold Hairspray delivers the perfect combination of hold, shine, and softness in a light, easy-to-use mist.

The 1960s Pixie Cuts and Beehives

During the 1960s, two unique looks emerged that stood at opposite ends of the style spectrum – but both made an equally significant impression on hair history.

First, the beehive hairstyle challenged women to answer to the challenge: “How high can your hair go?” Whether the beehive was styled as an elegant updo or a playful half-up, half-down look (as shown off by style legend Bridgette Bardot), it took styling to new, towering heights. Wondering how to do a beehive hairstyle at home? Use our Dry Shampoo for a generous amount of non-drying texture, then spray with the Perfect Hold Hairspray to make the style last all day long.

The second popular hairstyle of the 1960s was the pixie cut, which ranged from soft and feminine to edgy and textured. Whichever pixie you prefer, try our Daily Smoothing Cream and Argan Oil to ensure the ultimate in sleek style.

The 1970s Retro Waves and the “Farrah”

From long, loose waves to the feathered layers of star Farrah Fawcett, the hairstyles of the 1970s were all about movement and volume. Many of today’s festival styles – including mermaid waves, accent braids, and flower crowns – are inspired by these beloved 1970s ‘dos.

To achieve the effortlessly cool look that captures the free spirit of the 1970s, you’ll need silky-smooth locks that can hold plenty of volume. Our Rapid Rescue is the ideal foundation for a 70s-inspired hairdo, so you’ll style your throwback tresses with ease.

Put a Retro Spin on Your Style with Styling and Finishing Products from Keratherapy

If there’s one thing that hairstyles over the decades have had in common, it’s gorgeously healthy hair. Full of shine and silky-smooth, nourished hair is the foundation for any style statement – no matter what era you’re drawing inspiration from.

Keratherapy’s collection of stylist-approved hair styling products don’t just create a beautifully finished look; they also help boost your hair health from the inside out. Create your signature looks, from vintage to ultra-modern, with our selection of professional-grade finishing and styling products today.

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