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Best Secret on How to Cover Up Gray Roots

Best Secret on How to Cover Up Gray Roots

There’s nothing like freshly-colored hair to make you feel your best, putting a certain spring in your step and helping your self-confidence soar. Whether your tresses are blonde, brunette, red, black, or any one of the countless gorgeous shades in between, walking out of a color appointment with your stylist probably ranks pretty high on your list of feel-good experiences.

But what about the days and weeks – or even months – in between your color appointments? Even though regularly-scheduled appointments with your stylist is the best way to keep your color looking fresh, you’re bound to experience some root regrowth along the way.

Unfortunately, gray roots can put a serious damper on a good hair day, whether you’re a regular in the stylist’s chair or a box color devotee. Once you spot the grays sneaking in, you might find yourself feeling less vibrant or confident than usual. Luckily, there’s good news: there are plenty of options for covering up gray roots in-between color touchups.

From innovative root concealers to creative hair hacks, here are our best tips and tricks to cover up those gray roots for good – or at least until your next color session!

  1. Use a gray root concealer that matches your hair color.

With easy, spray-on application and temporary color, a gray root concealer is one of the fastest ways to eliminate grays for the day. Top-quality root concealers are typically formulated in a variety of shades, including blonde, light brown, dark brown, black, and red, so getting a perfect match is simple. In just a few moments, you can refresh your color and head out the door!

It might be tempting to grab a root concealer from your local drugstore, but when it comes to your hair, you don’t want to skimp on quality. Not all hair products are safe for all hair types, and you might be surprised to learn that a surprising number of options can actually damage your hair long-term. Instead, select a stylist-recommended brand and take advantage of benefits like reduced breakage and added strength.

  1. Put your hair into a classic bun.

Don’t have the time to grab a root concealer? With just a few minutes, you can still reduce the visibility of grays. Try styling your hair into a slicked-back bun for a modern yet timeless look that can help hide your roots.

First, work a light smoothing cream into your hair to get rid of frizz and flyaways. Then, gently pull your hair into a ponytail – you can go with a high ponytail or a low one, it’s completely up to you. Then, carefully wrap your ponytail around the base, forming a bun, and using bobby pins to secure it. Use a keratin-infused hairspray for a sleek, finished look that’s the epitome of chic.

  1. Add some new hair accessories into your routine.

Gray roots can be the perfect reason for adding a few new hair accessories to your collection. If you’ve ever wanted to try the headband trend for yourself, consider this the ideal opportunity. Stylish, versatile, and fun, a headband will help hide your roots and elevate your overall look. Not only is this accessory a cute complement to your outfit and an excellent gray roots concealer, but a headband can also cut down on frizz and flyaways.

  1. Switch up your signature part.

Most of us have a certain way we part our hair, whether it’s a timeless middle part, a subtle side part, or a deep side part with plenty of attitude. But changing your part can be an instant and easy way to make gray roots less noticeable.

For maximum root coverage, try a deep side part. You’ll also enjoy some serious volume as a result, which can be a welcome boost for anyone with thin or fine hair. Use a light hairspray to keep hair in place without weighing it down, then have fun with your fresh new look.

  1. Top off your look with a hat.

We all have days when there’s simply no time to do our hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to head out with obvious gray roots. With a hat, you can completely cover up gray roots with next to no effort. And with a huge range of styles to choose from, including baseball caps, berets, and bucket hats, you can pick one that suits your personality and taste.

  1. Weave grays away with a fishtail braid.

Fishtail braids have long been a styling trend, but recent years have brought them back in style even more. Despite their complex appearance, fishtail braids are actually easier than you might think. In addition to giving your hair a gorgeously mermaid-inspired look, the twists and turns of this braid style make gray roots far less noticeable.

Here’s an easy fishtail braid tutorial to get you started:

  • Brush through your hair, using your favorite styling product to prepare for braiding.
  • Split your hair into two individual sections (or four if you want to do two fishtails).
  • Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one of the two sections, then cross it over the top of the other. Repeat on the other side.
  • Continue the pattern until the braid is complete, then finish the look off with a small clear elastic.
  • If you have any flyaway hairs, add a light spritz of hairspray to smooth them away.
  1. Pump up the volume.

A bit of extra volume can go far when you’re trying to hide gray roots, and the secret to voluminous locks is the right product selection and a hairdryer. Use a salon-quality blowout spray to maximize height, adding in a root booster for even more volume. Grab your round brush, then treat yourself to an at-home blowout for a stunning, gray-disguising look!

Caring for Your Color-Treated Hair in Between Salon Appointments

Gray roots are easily one of the most frustrating aspects of having color-treated hair, but what about color-treated hair that looks dull, dry, and damaged? Without the right products for at-home care, you may as well skip the professional color appointment – because you’re undoing it all with every wash, dry, and style.

Color-treated and highlighted hair requires special care, including salon-quality products to guard against various stresses and prolong color brilliance. With the right product lineup, you can not only extend the life of your color but also keep your locks looking better than they ever have before. Maintaining your color doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, especially not when you’re stocked up on the premium products that stylists know and trust.

Give Your Color-Treated Hair the Care it Deserves with Keratherapy

Keratherapy has created an expertly-formulated series of products for color-treated hair, offering an exceptional selection of high-quality options for protecting and nurturing your treasured tresses. Our keratin-infused Color Protect series features every product you’ll need to wash, condition, and style color-treated hair, providing safeguards against damaging stressors. Plus, with our gray root concealers on hand, you’ll always look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Invest in the health and happiness of your hair by choosing Keratherapy Color Protect products and Perfect Match root concealers today.

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