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The Best Keratin Treatment for Any Hair Type

The Best Keratin Treatment for Any Hair Type

Why Keratin Is An Important Ingredient For Everyone

Keratin is a protein that makes up approximately 80% of human hair and nails. Hair is composed of three layers: the outermost layer called the cuticle, the middle layer called the cortex, and the innermost layer called the medulla. These three layers consist of keratin (the main protein) and other fats that provide structural support to the hair shaft. Keratin makes up the strong bonds that keep our hair strands healthy and uniform in shape, thus making them stronger. To keep hair healthy through the daily strain of environmental factors, using chemicals, and styling, our hair needs a boost. Keratin is a natural ingredient that helps strengthen and repair damaged hair.

There are many different hair types, and they all require keratin to maintain the best look, from straight to wavy to curly. Unfortunately, many people report having the same problems regardless of hair type or texture. Some of the most common issues are caused by hair that lacks keratin. These issues include:

  1. Dull, uneven texture.
  2. Frizziness and unmanageable strands.
  3. Uneven sections as a result of brittle, easily breakable hair.
  4. Split ends and tangles.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, your hair needs some support. The best hair products are ones that support the health of your hair rather than just masking symptoms. Natural, researched ingredients like argan oil, caviar extract, and keratin will solve your hair troubles for good. 


Other Important Ingredients For Hair Health

Argan Oil

Argan oil includes vitamin E and antioxidants that specifically target the scalp. It can reduce dry, flaky skin and heal damaged strands and hair follicles. It also helps to protect the hair, seal split ends, and prevent hair loss. 

Caviar Extract

Caviar extract works to strengthen the hair follicle. This is the part where your hair grows from, and it improves hair strength and growth by providing the necessary vitamins and fatty acids that make up hair. These ingredients and keratin make up the main powerhouse for the Keratherapy KeratinFixx Repair lineup. These products are comprehensively built with the best ingredients and will transform your hair with every wash. 

Essential Hair Care Routine Products

For an effective hair care routine, you should have a shampoo, a conditioner, and a leave-in product that will continue to protect and nourish your hair till your next wash.

KeratinFixx Repair Shampoo

Shampoo is known globally as simply the type of soap that is used to clean your hair and scalp. However, many people don’t realize that shampoo can be much more than that. In addition to its clarifying properties like removing dirt and excess oil, the KeratinFixx Repair Shampoo is restorative. A shampoo shouldn’t strip your hair of moisture. Instead, shampoo should replenish softness and health after your hair is naturally damaged in the time since your last wash. Hair can take damage simply from spending time in the sun, being whipped around in the wind, and being exposed to air pollution, to name a few. 


KeratinFixx Repair Conditioner

A conditioner should be the second moisturizing step in your hair care routine. First, your shampoo should clean, refresh, and restore moisture. Then, your conditioner should give an extra powerful boost of moisture that lasts you till your next wash. It should also smooth and seal the cuticle that is opened with the shower's heat. Conditioners should include the best natural ingredients to moisturize and protect. KeratinFixx Repair Conditioner includes argan oil and caviar extract to improve hair's elasticity and mend any damage.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are safe for everyday use, even if you have color-treated hair. 

KeratinFixx 20-in-1 Leave-In

A leave-in product is an aspect many people disregard in their hair care routine. However, it is often the most valuable for the health of your hair.  If there is one product to use in your routine in addition to a shampoo and conditioner, this leave-in treatment is it. The KeratinFixx 20-in-1 Leave-In treatment provides 20 benefits for your hair in one bottle. 

Just a handful of the benefits include–

  1. softening
  2. smoothing
  3. detangling
  4. restoring
  5. boosting shine
  6. Increasing body, and volume
  7. balancing moisture
  8. blocking humidity
  9. preventing frizz 

This comprehensive treatment can be used as often as you’d like but should at least be used once or twice a week to see the most benefits. 

A Routine Based On Keratin

The best hair care routine for any hair type involves keratin as the main ingredient. The hair should be supported at its very core with nourishing ingredients that give it health and strength. Using products with high-quality ingredients will leave you with hair that looks great without any styling necessary. It’ll be soft, smooth, and shiny without any extra smoothing products. 

You’ll see the greatest benefits from using keratin if your hair is regularly seeing heat styling, you color your hair frequently, you have frizzy, dry hair, or you just want hair that is easier to manage. However, hair of any type or hair with any history should choose products with keratin for optimal health. You’ll love how your hair looks and feels with the Keratherapy KeratinFixx Repair products. Give expert products formulated with keratin and other great ingredients a try and see what they can do for the health of your hair! 

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