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How to Use Keratinfixx Repair

How to Use Keratinfixx Repair

In the world of salon professionals, the Keratherapy name is associated with premium-grade hair care products infused with keratin’s powerful properties. Recommended by countless stylists worldwide, Keratherapy products changed the lives of so many individuals with a variety of hair types and concerns

Whether you have straight, curly, coarse, or color-treated hair, there’s a Keratherapy collection for you. And if your hair needs some extra TLC – we’ve all been there! – we’ve created an innovative collection of intensely reparative hair products just for you: KeratinFixx.

The KeratinFixx Repair Collection comprises a trio of superpowered products, specifically designed to bring your hair back to life. When you’re dealing with strands that seem like they’re beyond saving, our KeratinFixx Repair Collection products are here to help. Crafted with the ultimate in advanced formulations and professional-grade ingredients, KeratinFixx is the hair care hero you’ve been searching for.

What is KeratinFixx?

KeratinFixx Repair is Keratherapy’s answer to severely dry and damaged hair, taking an advanced approach to repairing and restoring your hair. Even if your hair has undergone over-processing or long-term heat damage, our KeratinFixx hair repair products’ expert formulations are designed to return it to its former beauty.

Think of KeratinFixx Repair as the key to unlocking the hair you’ve always wanted – especially if you’ve dealt with seriously damaged or chronically dry hair for years. For individuals who haven’t had success with other restorative hair products, KeratinFixx will prove that beautiful hair is within reach after all.

Featuring our signature Kerabond™ technology, the KeratinFixx Repair Collection delivers all of the keratin benefits combined with nourishing proteins, amino acids, and natural ingredients. Because keratin targets your hair’s natural protective system, Keratherapy products do more than just make your hair look better temporarily. Every strand receives a nourishing boost, and the product helps preserve natural oils, smooth cuticles, and rebuild the structure for strength and longevity. 

So, what does that all mean for you? Your hair will be silky soft, gorgeously shiny, and full of body; plus, under the surface, it will be stronger, healthier, and better prepared to stand up to future damage. With regular use of the Keratherapy Collection that’s right for you (such as KeratinFixx), you’ll have smooth, shiny, manageable hair that’s free from frustrating frizz once and for all.

What products are included in the KeratinFixx Repair Collection?

Keratherapy has created three signature keratin hair products for our KeratinFixx collection, with each one playing an essential part in the repair of damaged hair.

KeratinFixx Repair Shampoo

Designed to gently cleanse your hair while delivering restorative benefits, the KeratinFixx Repair Shampoo is a must for dry or damaged hair. Our expertly-crafted formulation includes first-class ingredients such as caviar extract and argan oil, offering an exceptional amount of anti-oxidants and weightless moisture. The perfect fit for color-treated hair, our repair shampoo, is designed to target the damage caused by chemical processing and coloring while extending your color’s life.  

After your first time using KeratinFIxx Repair Shampoo, you’ll see a notable difference in your hair’s smoothness and shine. Additionally, the shampoo is a safeguard against humidity and environmental stresses such as sun damage and pollutants. Over time, regular use of our repair shampoo will make your hair stronger, more manageable, and better hydrated.

KeratinFixx Repair Conditioner

As part of a daily conditioning routine, the KeratinFixx Repair Conditioner significantly repairs dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. Say goodbye to brittle, dull, and frizzy locks, because this keratin conditioner will breathe new life into your hair. It’s completely safe for color-treated hair, supporting proper hair health to make your color last even longer.

Much like its complimentary shampoo, the repair conditioner contains argan oil and caviar extract to restore hair’s elasticity and mend long-term damage. Not only will your hair become more manageable and easier to style, but it will also make improvements in terms of strength and damage resistance. Hydrated, soft, and full of shine, your hair will look the best it ever has.

KeratinFixx 20-in-1 Leave-In

It might sound too good to be true, but our KeratinFixx 20-in-1 Leave-In treatment does deliver 20 incredible benefits in one bottle. Keratherapy experts created a blend that supports your hair’s health from roots to ends, tapping into the natural powers of botanicals, keratin, argan oil, caviar extract, and more.

With just one easy application, our intensive conditioning treatment does all this:

  • Softens
  • Smooths
  • Detangles
  • Restores
  • Boosts shine
  • Increased body and volume
  • Balances moisture
  • Evens hair’s porosity
  • Blocks out humidity
  • Cuts down on frizz
  • Protects hair from UV damage
  • Seals the hair cuticle
  • Makes hair easier to manage 
  • Extends color life
  • Encourages elasticity
  • Guards against breakage
  • Protects from heat 
  • Repairs split ends
  • Eliminates static
  • Rebuilds damaged hair

Which hair types and concerns are best for KeratinFixx Repair products?

When we created the Keratherapy brand, our mission was to craft a diverse range of products that serve all hair types. The KeratinFixx Repair Collection is one of our most versatile collections, with the capability to make a dramatic difference for virtually anyone that uses it.

Even our everyday hair routines can be extremely damaging to our hair, especially for us who use heat styling, over combing, and color processing to achieve our desired look. You may not even realize that your hair is damaged – but once you experience the difference of KeratinFixx, you’ll discover the full potential of healthy, happy hair.

Our KeratinFixx shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in repair treatment are an excellent addition to virtually any hair routine but can be especially helpful if you:

  • Regularly color or highlight your hair
  • Use heat styling (such as blow-drying, curling, or straightening)
  • Often over comb your hair for added lift and volume
  • Have frizzy hair
  • Are dealing with dry, dull strands
  • Can’t keep up with split ends
  • Are focused on improving your hair health
  • Want to strengthen your hair to prevent future damage
  • Would like to improve the texture of your hair
  • Are interested in boosting the appearance of your natural, un-styled hair
  • Want hair that’s easier to manage, making it simpler to style

How do I use KeratinFixx hair care products?

To make the most of the powerful properties of the KeratinFixx products, we recommend incorporating them into your regular hair routine:

  • Both the KeratinFixx Repair Shampoo and the KeratinFixx Repair Conditioner should be used whenever you wash and condition your hair. Both are safe for everyday use, including on color-treated hair.
  • The KeratinFixx 20-in-1 Leave-In treatment can be used as often as needed, at least once or twice per week for optimum hair health. 

Transform Your Hair Forever with KeratinFixx Hair Products with Keratin

Are you ready to make every day a good hair day? The professional-grade products from Keratherapy put salon-worthy locks within easy reach, completely changing your hair for the better. And for hair that needs a lot of extra love, our KeratinFixx Repair Repair Collection delivers a generous dose of advanced ingredients for a transformation you’ll have to see to believe.  

Don’t settle for hair that’s less than your best! Make Keratherapy KeratinFixx Repair products a part of your hair care regimen today.

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