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How to Restore Volume To Your Hair

How to Restore Volume To Your Hair

Has your hair become dull and lifeless? Is there no bounce to it? Rest assured, this problem is faced by millions of people in every part of the world. Seasonal weather conditions, incorrect use of styling tools, frequent coloring and many other factors affect the health of your hair. Learn how to restore volume to your hair!

Why Does My Hair Have No Volume?

If you are dealing with lifeless or flat hair, here are some reasons your hair has no volume:

  • Hair Texture: The texture of your hair might be naturally thin, which results in a flat look.
  • Air Drying Hair: Air-drying can make hair less voluminous. Letting your hair air dry is better overall, but if your hair is naturally thin it’s harder to achieve the desired volume without using styling tools and products.
  • Using the Wrong Hair Products: It is possible you are using hair products improperly – choose your hair products carefully making sure you pick those that enhance hair texture and improve volume. Most brands provide an application guide on the bottle. Following the instructions correctly will ensure the best results.
  • Humidity: Humidity, dust, traffic fumes hit your hair the moment you step outside. They weigh down your hair, making it go limp.
  • Medications: Certain medications can have an adverse effect on the hair causing it to lack body and feel or look thinner.

Can Keratherapy Help?

To ensure your hair is voluminous and shiny, it needs to have a healthy dose of keratin. The body begins to lose its ability to generate building blocks for keratin quickly. Factors like chemical damage and pollutants cause the hair to be depleted of keratin levels which leaves it feeling rough and volumeless. Our keratin-infused home care products are formulated to restore the glow and bounce in your hair, while repairing damage. The Volume Collection is specifically designed for this purpose.

Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Our volume shampoo and conditioner are free from sulfates, parabens, and ingredients that can damage hair texture and fade the color. Both are formulated with moisturizing ingredients that deliver weightless hydration wrapping each hair strand with botanical extracts restoring elasticity and adding body and bounce. This collection is infused with natural vitamins and proteins to ensure deep hydration and maintain the correct pH balance.

Do Hair Root Boosters Add Volume?

The Root Boosting Volumizer works double duty. It lifts the root and creates noticeable thickness and bounce throughout without the extra weight. Hydrolyzed silk, and wheat proteins protect and enhance the root creating stronger and healthier hair.

Think of restoring your hair volume the same way you think about strengthening your body. When building muscle, you add proteins in your diet to achieve better results. Our hair is made of primarily protein. Kerabond technology delivers keratin protein in the hair.

With regular use, the Keratherapy Volume Collection restores volume and bounce to lifeless and dull hair. Great for use on all hair types.

Ready to give them a try?

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