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How to Make Your Hair Less Oily

How to Make Your Hair Less Oily

Oily hair hacks can save you a lot of time. Dealing with oily roots is frustrating because ultimately oil weighs down more than just your hair, it makes treading the line of shine versus oily a constant battle. While many products and oily hair remedies promise to control the issue, they actually tend to cause more damage by stripping the hair’s natural smoothing system away.

Why is My Hair Oily?

Oily Hair Causes: The cause of oil hair is due to our scalp being covered in sebaceous glands at the root of the hair that produce a moderate amount of oil which keeps our hair and scalp hydrated. Sometimes though, these oily glands are over reactive, coating the hair in more oil than you need, leaving it looking greasy. 

How to Make Hair Less Oily

Step One: Wash and Condition with the Right Products 

Stick to a clean shampoo + conditioner regiment. Less harsh chemicals = Less build up = Less oily hair (Bingo). Our sulphate-free and sodium chloride-free Keratin Infused Volume Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that removes build up and balances the pH of the scalp, which reduces the over production of excess oil. Follow up toseal in moisture with our Keratin Infused Volume Conditioner, which replenishes moisture and refreshes the hair with vitamins and botanical extracts to add elasticity and vitality.

Step Two: Follow up with Products that Lock Out Oil 

For best results, follow with our Keratin Infused Root Boost and Volumizer. Made with natural hemp seed oil, kelp extracts, hydrolyzed silk and wheat proteins. This keratin infused super hero locks in moisture, and locks out excess oil, giving way to luxurious hair.

Step Three: Refresh In Between Washes

Cleanse and refresh on the go with Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo, by delicately extracting excess oil and reviving hair, this is a great choice for women on the go. For best results work in sections of the hair, lifting and spraying the roots and top sections of hair. This is a great alternative between washes to achieve clean, oil free hair. 

If you are looking for fuller, thicker hair without the oil build-up, click here to shop our volumizing products today! 

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