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Hair Care Tips for Summer Heat

Hair Care Tips for Summer Heat

Most of us are well aware that the heat and summer sun can wreak havoc on unprotected skin - but did you know that summer is also hard on your hair? 

Between the UV rays from the sun, heat damage, saltwater, chlorinated swimming pools, and indoor air conditioning, your hair faces just about every kind of damage during summertime. Instead of enjoying the lazy days of summer, you’ll end up battling dryness, frizz, breakage, and dull and damaged locks. 

Luckily, you don’t have to go to great lengths to protect your hair this summer. In fact, with a few easy hair care tips for summer and some high-quality products, your summer hair will be healthier and happier than ever during the hot weather season.

Natural Hair Care Tips for Summer 

Our experts have pulled together their favorite hair care tips for summer, giving you the 411 on how to protect your hair from sun, salt, and soaring temps. Whether your hair is curly or straight, full or thin, recently-colored or never-been-dyed, we have everything you need to know to keep your hair at its best all summer long.

How Do You Take Care Of Your Hair In Hot Weather?

Much like you swap out last season’s styles for new clothes come summer, you should be doing the same with your hair care routine. Your hair is likely to need more hydration, repair, and protection during the summer than it did in spring. Reassess your go-to products, and decide where some smart switches can be made.

Here are a few suggestions for a summer hair care routine:

  • Get an extra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo. If you aren’t already using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, it’s time to up the moisture now. Dryness is one of the top complaints for women during summer, but it can often be resolved fairly easily. Stick with sulfate-free formulas infused with natural moisture, like our Keratin-Infused Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Try to minimize how often you wash your hair. When you’re getting more active outside than usual (especially when it’s warm), you’re more likely to find yourself increasing how often you wash your hair. But when your hair is already dealing with dryness during summertime, more frequent washing can strip it of moisture even more. Instead, revive your hair’s freshness and volume with dry shampoo. A few sprays near the roots of your hair and scalp should do the trick! 
  • Blondes should take extra care to keep brassiness at bay. If you’re a blonde, consider chlorine one of your worst enemies. Not only can chlorine cause your lightened locks to take on a greenish hue, but it can also bring on that dreaded brass. Use a specially-designed violet toning shampoo and conditioner to eliminate unwanted warmth and protect your hair color from chlorine damage.
  • Give your hair a little extra TLC with deep repair and conditioning treatments. Show your summer hair some love by staying consistent with regular repair and conditioning treatments. Even if you do summer haircare right, virtually every hair type will benefit from a leave-in treatment. Try our KeratinFIXX 20-in-1 Leave-In product for the ultimate in silky-smooth hair and an extra level of protection from color fading, breakage, heat, and frizz.

How Can I Keep My Hair Cool In Summer?

As those summer temperatures are climbing, the last thing you need to do is expose your hair to more heat than necessary. But when the sun is shining, how do you keep hair cool during summer?

Both of our tips for keeping hair cool have everything to do with style: first, consider switching up your look with hats to give your hair some relief from the sun. We’re thinking fishtail braids under a sporty baseball cap, loose waves with glamorous sun hair, or even a super-straight and ultra-chic style paired with a Panama-styled hair.

Another option is to skip heat styling and embrace heatless hairstyles instead. Pack up your curling iron, blow dryer, and straightener, and learn how to create heat-free styles that are the epitome of casual cool. Messy buns, natural waves, and braids are just a few of the ways you can get creative with no heat. Pro tip: if you usually rely on heat styling to smooth out your frizz and flyaways, try a Daily Smoothing Cream or even a Keratin-Infused Argan Oil to get the job done.

How Can I Hydrate My Hair In Summer?

No matter the season or weather, hydration is always a key to healthy hair. But especially during summertime, your hair is being dried out every time you swim, sunbathe, or sit back and relax in an air-conditioned space. 

With a few smart swaps, you can switch out your current hair care lineup for premium products that deliver lasting hydration. Your hair will survive anything that summer throws at it, and you might just realize that moisture was the missing ingredient in your hair routine all along. As we mentioned earlier, a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo is a basic necessity. 

But beyond that, it can be very beneficial to up the ante with other hydrating products, including a quality conditioning treatment. The Keratherapy Leave-In Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Masque are two products that rehydrate your hair and scalp without weighing you down. Vital ingredients such as jojoba oil, amino acid, keratin, and nettle root extract work together to deliver a dose of hydration and nourishment.

What Can I Put in My Hair to Protect it From the Sun?

It’s not just your skin that needs sunscreen this summer; your hair also needs to be protected from sun damage. Excess sun exposure sucks up all the moisture from your strands, dramatically drying hair out and leaving it in serious need of replenishment.

Before you head out to enjoy the summer weather, use a protectant that shields your hair from UV rays to minimize damage. For example, the Keratherapy Color Protect Perfect Blowout is the perfect product to prep your hair before blow-drying, but it’s also an excellent option for sun protection. Because it protects your hair from harmful UV rays, your color will last longer, and damage can be avoided. Plus, this multi-purpose product also seals the cuticle of your hair, so even the stickiest humidity won’t leave you facing frizz.

Help Your Hair Shine this Summer with Keratherapy

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s bringing plenty of sun, heat, and potential hair damage with it - but now, you know exactly how to keep your hair protected, healthy, and beautiful. 

Keratherapy has a broad range of professional-grade hair products for summer and every other season, with collections designed specifically for hair types and concerns. Whether you need to hydrate dry hair, protect your hair color, get the brass out of your blonde, or repair intense damage, we have you covered. All Keratherapy products are infused with the strengthening power of keratin and various all-natural botanicals, oils, and extracts for your healthiest hair ever. Forget dealing with damage this summer; thanks to Keratherapy, you’re prepared to rock stunning summertime styles all season long.

Browse our entire collection of professional hair products with keratin and discover your Keratherapy favorites today!

Featured Image: Diana Indiana/Shutterstock

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