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Color Touch Up

Achieve a freshly-colored look and restore your hair’s thick appearance with gray root concealers and fiber hair thickeners from Keratherapy. Our hair experts have developed a series of innovative keratin products that will ensure your hair always looks its best, making it simple to touch up color and boost thickness in between salon visits. 

With our keratin color treatment products and hair thickeners, you’ll always look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon – even when it’s been far too long since your last appointment. Cover grays with one of our root concealers, choosing from a variety of shades to find the perfect one for you. Or, if you’re facing thinning hair, our fiber hair thickeners will provide instant coverage and a dramatic boost to your hair’s volume, texture, and density. In seconds, you can revitalize both the color and thickness of your hair for a beautiful, healthy look.

Browse our selection of color touch-up and thickener products to find the one that will change your hair life for the better.

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