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Brazilian Renewal

Ultra Strength Keratin Smoothing Treatment


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Brazilian Renewal by Keratherapy, is the most advanced keratin smoothing treatment available today. BRAZILIAN RENEWAL offers the greatest amount of curl reduction possible, along with amazing shine and “no-frizz” smoothing for all types of hair; all with less fumes than our closest competitors. Especially effective on hair that is coarse, unruly, extremely curly or very resistant. Enriched with keratin, collagen, argan oil, soy and rice proteins for extra brilliance, strength and protection. Clients can wash their hair the same day and experience no downtime!
  • The most advanced keratin smoothing treatment available today
  • Maximum amount of curl reduction possible
  • Amazing shine and “no-frizz” smoothing for all types of hair
  • Lower investment than all major competitors
  • Lower cost per application than all major competitors
  • Less fumes than all major competitors!
  • No wait time, clients can shampoo same day!
  • Keratin: Revitalizes the hair's natural protective layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage.
  • Collagen: Rich in amino acids, bonds to hair to improve strength and elasticity.
  • Argan oil: Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E repair hair to make it smooth, soft and shiny.
  • Soy proteins: Improves the body and texture of the hair, prevents hair loss and helps with optimum hair growth.
  • Rice proteins: Smoothens, repairs and reduces frizz.
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Ana C.
Keratherapy Review

I loved the results. My client loved being able to wash their hair the same day and the manageability of her hair. I've only used this product once, but I have no complaints thus far. Seems like a win to me!

Katelin H.
Smooooth hair !

Really love how this product smooths and straightens hair.

Trinh N.
Good product

The best keratin product I’ve ever used

Joseph D.
Best Formula for Less Fumes and LASTS

I use this on my clients and they love it! I also am not affected by the off gas as well as my clients say it’s the first ever they didn’t feel the real need to wear a mask even with ventilation but always recommend that you wear one. My one client who’s hair texture is a frizzy coarse mess, especially during humidity, has been a keratin user for years and says this is the only formula that truly lasts. And she’s from Miami, which is where Keratherapy is from so you guys know your stuff!!!