Keratherapy Extreme Renewal & Extreme Renewal Crème de Cocoa Treatment

A keratin treatment which uses KERABOND™ Technology to smooth the hair and reduce curl up to 95% with significantly fewer fumes, leaving the hair healthy, frizz free, shiny and manageable up to 3 months. It will also cut your styling time by 50%.

No, Extreme Renewal is not a permanent treatment as it does not break the bonds of the hair. Hair will eventually revert to its natural texture as the treatment eventually leaves the hair.

People with course, frizzy and curly hair wanting maximum curl and frizz reduction. However, anyone who wants shinier, smoother and healthier hair or wants to dramatically improve the condition and texture of their hair are potential Keratherapy clients.

The length of the service can take anywhere from 1½-2 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

The treatment will last up to 4 months with the recommended Keratherapy aftercare collection.

We recommend waiting at least four weeks before having another treatment applied.

Yes. Extreme Renewal can be applied immediately after a color service. However, cleanse hair gently with Keratherapy Moisture or Volume Shampoo instead of Keratherapy Clean Start Pre-Treatment Shampoo. If the treatment was applied first, it is recommended to wait at least two weeks before applying color.

Yes. Keratherapy Extreme Renewal and the Extreme Renewal Crème De Cocoa Treatment can be applied to any type of hair. A stylist should always analyze the hair and conduct a thorough consultation to determine the porosity of the hair and that it can withstand the high heat of the flat iron. If hair is damaged to the point, it cannot take the heat of the iron the service SHOULD NOT be performed. It is recommended to perform a Keratherapy Deep Conditioning Masque instead to help reconstruct, repair, hydrate and strengthen the hair in preparation to have one of the Extended or Express treatments.

Yes, but for maximum results, the treatment should be put under a medium heat dryer for fifteen minutes with a plastic cap after the application to ensure proper penetration of the cuticle layer.

Yes. Although Keratherapy Extreme Renewal and Extreme Renewal Crème De Cocoa omits a small percentage of formaldehyde gas when heated, we are well below OSHA’s permitted guidelines.

We recommend performing the Keratherapy Extreme Renewal and Extreme Renewal Crème De Cocoa Treatment on ages 12 and older, with parental consent.

Yes, after 48 hours hair can be washed and styled as desired.

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours and after the first shampoo before wearing a ponytail or using hair clips.

Blow-dry the section of hair immediately and use a flat iron lightly to re-straighten.

The hair must be kept dry during the entire 48 hours waiting period. Salt water and pool water will affect the longevity of the treatment. Apply Keratin Infused Leave-In Conditioner before swimming in the pool or ocean. Rinse hair immediately after swimming and apply more leave-in conditioner if needed.

Best results occur when using the Keratherapy Keratin Infused Moisture, Volume or Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are sodium chloride and sulfate surfactant free ensuring longevity of the treatment.

We recommend cutting the hair after the Keratherapy Extreme Renewal or an Extreme Renewal Crème De Cocoa Treatment as the hair will be completely smooth and straight and any split ends can be trimmed more accurately.

Do not apply any styling products to your hair until after the 48-hour waiting period. Use a small amount of the Keratherapy Keratin Infused Argan Oil to tame flyaways, or also the Keratherapy Dry Shampoo if needed.

It is generally NOT recommended to perform services of this type on these clients as no clinical testing has been done to determine any potential hazards. Consult a physician before receiving or applying these treatments.